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About the Breeder

Tamara is the loving mother of 5 and wife to the love of her life, Paul. She devotes her time to making sure all of the dogs are fed with the most nutritious diet and researches all of the dog's food intake, health, and longevity.


Since she was a child, Tamara has been a pet lover. Her mother was a breeder of Shelties so Tamara has been around breeders her entire life. Making sure that the puppies have the best start in life is her #1 priority.

Meet Our Family

Your next dog will be born into a loving family that loves animals and cares enough to spend extra time with each puppy to ensure good social behavior.

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Our Family

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Next Steps...

If you are ready to talk about your next family member and you like what you've learned about Lily of the Valley English Goldens, feel free to use our contact form. We will get back to you as quickly as possible!